Booking Information


My books are currently closed. Please check back in the spring of 2023.

My rate is $150 an hour.
If your project is chosen you will receive an email from me within 7-10 business days. Please do not resubmit the booking form. Once contacted be ready to pay a deposit and check your emails frequently to ensure you get booked. You will receive a confirmation once a deposit is paid and a date is agreed upon. The booking process is time sensitive as I'm communicating with many people. Thank you and I can't wait to hear your ideas!

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Cancelation Policy Details

5 Business days' notice for a full or half-day is required to move your appointment without losing your deposit.

3 Business days' notice is required for 3 hours or less.

One reschedule per each booked tattoo is permitted.

NOTE: Deposits are non-refundable

I am passionate about tattooing:

Lady/Male faces, mythology creatures, astrology-inspired pieces, witchy and tarot-related imagery, nature-related (Detailed close-ups of animals, insects, fruits, plants, etc..), cartoons (Disney, Studio Ghibli, and Nickelodeon), pop culture pieces (movie and music), pet portraits, Christmas or Halloween themed pieces, detailed skulls (animal, human or imagined) and ANYTHING CUTE or SPOOKY!

I will not tattoo:

Photorealistic (i.e. landscapes or family portraits), watercolor, tribal, flags, bible verses, crosses, celtic, phoenix, cars or truck-related imagery, logos of any sort, script, or dreamcatchers.