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Gallery & Studio

Every stunning piece on display is up for grabs, with 5% of all proceeds contributing to a scholarship for a deserving Lancaster high school senior. Many artists will also have exclusive prints available for purchase, so you can take home a piece of the magic. 

Please note: Artwork purchased from the main gallery will stay on exhibit until the current show is over, letting us share in its beauty for a little longer.


Abby Pennington

Abby Pennington received her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree with a focus in Painting from Ohio University in 2022. She grew up in the industrial town of Lima, Ohio and is currently based in Columbus, Ohio. As an oil painter that has a specific interest in “abstract realism”, Abby is inspired by color and her societal and natural environment. Her recent work investigates her intimate relationships and how they reflect her identity. She has been featured in the Ohio University Art Gallery in 2019 and 2021 and was published in the New Ohio Review literary journal in 2021. She received the Provost Undergraduate Research Fund in 2021.


Ashley Hammond

Newark Ohio based Stained Glass artist, Ashley Hammond has been honing her skills as a glass artist since 2018- completely self-taught. When Ashley is not taking her inspiration from nature, she's taking on commission work. Anything from pet portraits to business logos and beyond.

Shop Ashley's art in person at Mermgoddess Studio & Gallery


Madelyn Bartolone

Madelyn Bartolone is currently in the BFA program at Ohio University, where she is pursuing a double degree in both Painting & Drawing and Art Therapy. She is originally from Canton, Ohio. Her oil paintings of landscapes and nature scenes explore the meditative process of painting while also confronting a desire to escape everyday life and be closer to nature. Her work has been published in the New Ohio Review and has been featured in multiple Ohio University Art Gallery exhibitions. 


Brynna Ferguson

Brynna Ferguson's art combines a deep appreciation for nature with the captivating allure of old-school horror. Growing up in the countryside instilled a reverence for the natural world in her, which is reflected in her work. Her artistic journey also embraces the eerie narratives of classic horror, blending serene compositions with unsettling darkness. Through her ink drawings, she depicts skulls and nature's dance, inviting viewers to explore the haunting beauty of light and shadow. Brynna resides in Lancaster, Ohio.

Nora_Artist Feature.jpg

Nora Steele

Nora Steele is an artist and naturalist (nature educator) in the Hocking Hills area. Her childhood curiosity about mythology led her to explore the outdoors, hoping to encounter the magical fairy folk. Instead, she discovered the captivating magic of nature itself, which she now brings to life through her digital illustrations. Nora's goal is to create art that educates and inspires others to appreciate the beauty of nature, emphasizing the importance of preserving our natural resources for future generations. Her work celebrates the region's native flora and fauna, promoting both education and preservation while connecting people with nature. 

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